Adventure for Unisys 1100/2200/CPIX/Dorado

This is a Unisys 1100/2200/CPIX/Dorado port of the classic 350-point Adventure game originally written by William Crowther and DonWoods. This ASCII Fortran (@FTN) version was implemented by Duff Kurland (Information Systems Design, Santa Clara, California and later of Autodesk) based on the conversion effort of Elliot S. Itkin and others at the University of Maryland.

This version of Adventure was released on the ISD Release Tape which was Univac Program Library Interchange (UPLI) package #1051. Thanks to Russ Denison for sending it to me.

While its lack of graphics and sound make it appear crude today, Adventure is a very clever program that is quite addictive. I first played it circa 1980 and still enjoy it on occasion. For everything you ever wanted to know about Adventure, please visit Rick Adams' excellent Colossal Cave Adventure page.

Download Adventure

Adventure is distributed as a PKZIPped, self-extracting @FTPACK file.
  1. Download the ADV350.ZIP file (approx. 350 KB) to your hard disk.
  2. Note: The MD5 fingerprint for ADV350.ZIP should be:

    If this file has any other MD5 fingerprint, then it is corrupt and should not be used.

  3. PKUNZIP the downloaded file into ADV350.TXT
  4. Upload (in ASCII mode) ADV350.TXT to your 2200 system as any filename.
  5. @ADD yourfile.
  6. @CAT,P ADVENTURE.,F///256

Revised 2016-06-02