Historical Sketches
The Miramichi

by Lois Martin

The scanning of the text is complete. We are still looking for more pictures. If you can supply pictures or wish to report errors in the text, please e-mail the editor.

Note to the 2005 Electronic Edition

In preparing this electronic edition we have modified the text's format as required for presentation in this medium. We have corrected a few typographical errors in the original but have not updated the text to take account of events that have occurred since initial publication. We have added some additional pictures.

Thanks to Joan MacKenzie for some historical photographs and for encouragement and moral support.


The author wishes to thank Mrs. Edith MacAllister and Andrew Fraser who kindly consented to allow some of their work to be included in this book; the Bicentennial Committees of Chatham and Newcastle which provided some financial assistance toward publication; the many people who loaned photographs and provided historical information which made the writing of these articles possible.

Table of Contents

1Chatham's Treasures
2Snowball - A Magic Name of the Miramichi
3Louise Manny - A Distinguished Lady
4Joseph Cunard - A Miramichi Giant
5Robert Randolf Call - A Man of Distinction
6Hon. Peter Mitchell
7Peter Mitchell Commemorated
8Hon. John Mercer Johnson
9John Mercer Johnson Remembered
10The Seamen's Hospital
11Beaubear's - The Island of Hope
12Beaubear's - William Davidson Arrives
13Beaubear's - The Fraser Years
14Beaubear's - The Russell Years
15Newcastle's Old Hotels
16Mansion on the Hill
17The Anderson House
18The Majestic Touraine Hotel
19Loggieville's Terminal Hotel
20The Bowser House
21Chatham's Albert House
22The Adams House
23Doaktown's Aberdeen Hotel
24The Legacy of W. S. Loggie
25The John T. Williston House
26John T. Williston - The Original Owner
27Lord Beaverbrook - The Miramichi's Greatest Benefactor
28The Rankin House

Copyright © Lois F. Martin, 1985. All rights reserved.