Pictures Needed for Historical Sketches of the Miramichi

As of 2005-10-22

We are seeking pictures for this electronic edition, including those in the original book, better pictures than those we have, and any additional pictures that are relevant to the text. Our wish list is below but we encourage you to send other relevant pictures. Picture descriptions in bold text below were in the original book.

We can scan and return original pictures or you can e-mail pictures in GIF or JPEG formats.

Chapter Picture Needed
2 Snowball workers
• Snowball Mill in Chatham
J. B. Snowball
3 • Manny cottage on Miramichi River
4 Joseph Cunard
• Cunard house on Water Street
5 Robert Randolf Call
6 Peter Mitchell
7 July 1967 gathering of Peter Mitchell descendents
• monument in St. James Churchyard
8 John M. Johnson
residence of John M. Johnson
9 July 1967 gathering of John M. Johnson descendents
10 Richard Howe drawing of Seamen's Hospital
11 looking toward Beaubear's Island from Wilson's Point
• Beaubear's Island from the air
13 John James Fraser
14 drawing of ship "Gleaner"
• Beaubear's Island plaque re. National Historic Park
15 Miramichi Hotel
Waverley Hotel (any of the 3 with this name)
• Royal Hotel
• Union Hotel
16 Rundle House with original verandas
Rundle House in recent times
• Rundle logging operation on Bartibogue Island
• Bartibogue Island from the air
17 Anderson House in 1890s
Anderson House in recent times
18 Hotel Touraine
19 Terminal Hotel
• Five Mile House
• The Old Blake House (aka Cook House)
• MacIntyre Hotel
20 Bowser House
21 Albert House
• Park Hotel
22 Adams House
• Babineau Hotel
• Depot Hotel
• Canada House
• Riverview Hotel
23 Aberdeen Hotel
• Gilks House
• Murray House
• Russell House
24 drawing room in W. S. Loggie House
26 courtyard beside Williston house
27 young Max Aitken
Lord Beaverbrook/
• Old Manse
28 Rankin House