Publications of Steve J. Martin

I think this is the complete list. Publications are listed in reverse chronological order.

  1. "TIP/studio: Allinson-Ross Enters the Windows NT Arena" (Unisphere, January 1998).
  2. "The Year 2001 Problem: Date Display Formats" (Unisphere, September 1997).
  3. "Cool ICE: Hot New Web Commerce Software from Unisys" (Unisphere, August 1997).
  4. "File Compression Comes to the 2200" (Unisphere, May 1997).
  5. "Modernizing DMS 1100 Applications: California College District Gets Quick Results with Q-LINK" (Unisphere, June 1996).
  6. "FocalPoint: Comprehensive UDS Diagnostic Control from Datametrics" (Unisphere, April 1996).
  7. "SPO Console 3R2: Unisys Adds Integration with HP OpenView and Other Management Applications" (Unisphere, October 1995).
  8. "Air Force Rides LouisII, LOUIS/LINK to New Heights: A Unique Approach to Increasing Data Access While Consolidating System Resources" (Unisphere, October 1995).
  9. "Monitoring 1100/2200 System Throughput with OSAM" (Unisphere, September 1995).
  10. "TIP/dbi: Allinson-Ross Relational Database Interface for DMS Users" (Unisphere, March 1995).
  11. "QuickDB for 2200: Attachmate Offers the Best of Both Worlds" (Unisphere, March 1995).
  12. "1100/2200 Security: Why and How to Migrate to Security Option 1" (Unisphere, January 1995).
  13. "Smashing Stereotypes of Government Efficiency and Mainframe Longevity: Canadian Provinces Accerlerate Query, Response Times with LouisII" (Unisphere, January 1995).
  14. "Techniques for Implementing UNIX-Style Pipelines on the 1100/2200" (UNITE 1100/2200 Series Proceedings Journal, Fall 1994).
  15. "The Extended Language Message System: A New Tool for Flexible Software Development" (Unisphere, October 1994).
  16. "MSAR 5R1: TeamQuest's Storage Management System Fills Gap for 1100/2200 Sites" (Unisphere, April 1994).
  17. "Writing Processors in C, Part 2" (Unisphere, September, 1993).
  18. "Writing Processors in C, Part 1" (Unisphere, August 1993).
  19. "Simulating UNIX Pipelines on the 1100/2200: How to Implement Smarter Batch Jobs for Automated Operations" (Unisphere, March 1993).
  20. "A Relational Approach to SSG" (Unisphere, December 1992).
  21. "Security on the 1100/2200 Series: Why a B1 Rating Isn't Enough" (Unisphere, July 1992).

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