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OSI logo Copyright (c) Steve J. Martin, 2012.
GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 applies.

The inaugural release of @AWK for Unisys 2200/Dorado computers is version 1R1Q1 released on 2012-01-09.

@AWK Documentation

Download Current Release of @AWK

@AWK is distributed as a PKZIPped @FTPACK file.
  1. Download the AWK.ZIP file (323,828 bytes) to your hard disk.
  2. Note: The MD5 fingerprint for AWK.ZIP should be:

    If this file has any other MD5 fingerprint, then it is corrupt and should not be used.

  3. PKUNZIP the downloaded file into AWK.TXT
  4. Upload (in ASCII mode) AWK.TXT to your 2200 system as any filename.
  5. @CYCLE,C AWK*AWK.,0
  6. @CAT,P AWK*AWK.,F///500
  7. @ADD yourfile.
  9. See AWK*AWK.READ-THIS or the documentation above.

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