Bytes to 2200 Software Tracks Calculator

Given a number of bytes of the industry-standard 8-bit variety, this will calculate the approximate number of 1792-word 2200 software tracks. This is useful when evaluating disk space because non-2200 people usually quote in bytes.

Units: Kilobytes (KB)      Megabytes (MB)      Gigabytes (GB)      Terabytes (TB)

Size (in units checked above):


2200 Software Tracks: (rounded up to whole number)

Please Note:

  1. We use KB, MB, GB and TB here to mean thousands, millions, billions and trillions, rather than 2**10, 2**20, 2**30 and 2**40, respectively.
  2. Because the 2200 has 9-bit bytes, the number of 2200 tracks needed to store non-2200 data can vary slightly depending on whether the data is ASCII or binary.
  3. We take no notice of wasted space than can occur on a disk system because it was designed for 8-bit bytes. For example, sometimes a 512-byte (4,096-bit) physical disk record is used to hold 112 words (4,032 bits) of 2200 data, thereby 'wasting' 64 bits per physical record.

Updated 2012-01-16