Group W Toolset Release 4.0

Changes Since Previous Release (3.5)

This document describes changes released in Group W Toolset 4.0, released on 1997-07-03. The previous version was 3.5, released on 1996-11-14.

This document was developed for Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, but it should work with most browsers. This document is element READ-THIS in file #1 of the GWTS release tape. To view it with a web browser, download it to your PC's hard disk (or to your web server) and point your browser to it. Please see below for additional HTML documents you can download and for instructions on how to browse files on a PC disk drive.

File #1 -- Group W Toolset Processors


Correct Errors in Making the 3.5 Tape

Several errors were made in building the previous release tape (elements were omitted or the wrong version was included). Thanks to WJT for pointing these out.

Correct Known Bugs

Numerous bugs have been corrected:

New Features

This section lists feature changes and additions that are in this release.