Group W Toolset Release 4.4

Changes Since Previous Release

This document describes changes released in Group W Toolset 4.4, released on 2001-07-21. The previous version was 4.3, released on 1999-10-11.

Older versions of this document are kept in elements with name of the form READ-THIS/xDOTy, where 'x' and 'y' represent the whole and fractional parts of the release level. Example: Element READ-THIS/4DOT0 contains the READ-THIS document that was distributed in Group W Toolset release 4.0.

Group W Toolset documentation is in HTML format. In file #1 of the release are three elements that you should download to the same directory your PC or Web site:

Many people don't seem to know that you don't need a web server to browse HTML documents. Your browser can read documents from a PC disk drive. For example, if you downloaded the above files to the 'C:\' directory, you could browse them by pointing your browser to 'file:///C:/GWTS.HTM' (newer browsers allow you to shorten this to 'C:/GWTS.HTM'). GWTS.HTM defines a frameset that uses the other two documents. If your browser does not support frames, then point it to 'file:///C:/GWTSDOC.HTM' (and get a new browser!).

Summary of Changes

Correct Known Bugs

Minor changes and bug corrections:

New Features

This section lists feature changes and additions that are in this release: