Group W Toolset Release 5.1

Changes Since Previous Release

This document describes changes released in Group W Toolset 5.1, released on 2014-01-17. The previous version was 5.0, released on 2011-08-19.

Older versions of this document are kept in elements with name of the form READ-THIS/xDOTy, where 'x' and 'y' represent the whole and fractional parts of the release level. Example: Element READ-THIS/4DOT0 contains the READ-THIS document that was distributed in Group W Toolset release 4.0.

Group W Toolset documentation is in HTML format. In file #1 of the release are three elements that you should download to the same directory your PC or Web site:

GWTS.HTM defines a frameset that uses the other two documents. If your browser does not support frames (or you hate them), then point it to GWTSDOC.HTM.

Summary of Changes

Correct Bugs

New Features in Old Programs

New Programs