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The current release of Group W Toolset is version 6.0, released on 2020-07-04.

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The Group W Toolset (GWTS) is distributed as a PKZIPped @FTPACK file.
  1. Download the file (1,159,694 bytes) to your hard disk.

    Note: The MD5 fingerprint for should be:

  2.      EDE1B029612C6D236BFBF157ADDBE780
    If this file has any other MD5 fingerprint, then it is corrupt and should not be used.

  3. Unzip the downloaded file into gwts.txt.
  4. Upload (in ASCII mode) gwts.txt to your 2200 system as any filename.
  6. @CAT,P GROUPW*TOOLSET.,F///2000
  7. @ADD yourfile.

Revised 2020-07-04