Unisys 2200/IX/Dorado Web Sites

Michael Darnell's Unisys Page
This contains the current version of @TOCED, one of the most popular 2200/CPIX/Dorado freeware programs.

Utilities by Les Leist
This site has an innovative collection of Unisys utilities and libraries by Les Leist, plus his versions of the venerable @BK1/@BK2, @FLIST and @MFD. It also contains Ward Condit's @ZIP, which is one of the most useful 2200 utilities I've seen.

Unisys History Newsletter
Interesting and scholarly articles by George Gray.

Univac Memories
Interesting lore from the good old days by John Walker, creator of @FANG and AutoCAD. His entire Fourmilab site is well worth exploring.

Corporate home page.

Revised 2023-03-13