Password Generator

The Java applet below generates six-character passwords at random using phonemes of the English language (that is, using easily pronouncable and hence easily-memorized syllables). Six-character passwords are ideal for traditional Unisys 1100/2200 Series passwords (though longer passwords are now possible).

Each time you press the Generate Password button, the applet will supply another password. You can press the button until you get one you like.

The applet chooses each half of the password at random from 1567 three-character phonemes. Thus, the number of possible passwords is 2,455,489 (or 1567 x 1567). But some combinations will appear slightly more often than others. Because the clock is the only random number source available, the two choices are not completely independent of each other. But measures have been taken to ensure a high degree of independence. Rest assured that the second choice is not the second number in a pseudo-random number sequence (because the first choice would completely determine the second choice).