Greenbank Guest House and Cottages, October 2005

Greenbank represents the tradition of small, family-run accomodations in Bermuda. We fear that this tradition is giving way to larger tourist facilities and condominiums, and so I've documented Greenbank extensively here.

Salt Kettle Road. The entrance to Greenbank is the low green-and-white wall on the left.
The guest house can be glimpsed through the trees from the cycle parking area.
The guest house.
The view toward the water.
Looking north.
Looking south.
Guest house veranda.
Guest house living room.
Guest house foyer.
Greenbank from the water.
Greenbank is partially hidden behind its nearest island.
The swimming dock.
Greenbank's waterfront.
The bedroom in Coconut Cottage.
The view from the kichen in Coconut Cottage.
Driftwood and Coconut cottages in the twilight.
Sunset on a mostly cloudy day.

All photographs copyright © Steve J. Martin, 2005. All rights reserved.