Symbolic Stream Generator (SSG) Resource Page

SSG is my favorite 1100/2200 programming environment. Executive Control Language (ECL) lacks a proc or macro facility. Instead, we have SSG, a small, powerful, procedurally-oriented language that does just what its name says--it allows you to generate symbolic streams (and optionally to @ADD them). In effect, it takes symbolic input and generates symbolic output based on a program called a skeleton. The language that the SSG processor implements is called Symstream.

Table of Contents

Programming Tips and Techniques

I have seen a lot of bad SSG code. Here I present suggestions for writing good skeletons (as opposed to skeletons that merely work). I stress maintainability, ease of understanding, and code reuse.

Useful *COPY Procedures

The *COPY procs described here are ones I've found useful. Many of them help me follow the tips and techniques I recommend. Feel free to click on the proc name and save the proc to your hard disk.

The Future of SSG

In recent years Unisys has continued to enhance SSG, although new features tend to be minor ones. I believe that the dwindling 2200 customer base will not allow Unisys to fund much future development of SSG (and many other 2200 software products). But they recently implemented NFS #80469039 (allow SSG to accept console input), so perhaps I'm wrong.

Here is a list of what I think are the most needed new featues in SSG:

Revised 2010-02-12