Using SSG to Generate Web Pages

SSG can generate symbolic streams of any type, including Web pages. If you have data on your 2200 that's in Stream Generation Statement (SGS) form, or that can easily be manipulated into SGS form, you can use SSG to build a Web page and then use cpFTP, TAS, etc. to deliver it to your Web server. (If your Web server is your 2200, then it's even easier--you can simply copy the page to the appropriate file.)

This approach is meant for data that changes periodically (hourly, daily, weekly) and not for real-time applications. Here is a simple example that should run on any 2200 system that has a recent System Base. If you wanted to periodically build a Web page showing what system software is installed on your 2200 system, you'd write simple ECL to create the page by reading the SGSs in SYS$*DATA$.CO$INSTALL$/COMUS$ and generating the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

Then you might, for example, use cpFTP to ftp the page to your Web server (changing the specifics to those appropriate for your system) :

        cd /opt/spyglass/htmls
        put work.html softwareinst.html

The finished product is a Web page describing the software installed on your system.

Revised 1998-03-19